Kim Williams-Justesen

Brain activity and the muse - understanding and overcoming writer's block

This workshop demystifies the creative process and helps writers to find inspiration on demand. We do fun in-class activities and writing exercises, so you leave with practical experience for handling the writer's curse.

2 hour workshop time

In-depth character development

How do you really plumb the depths of the make-believe people that populate your stories? Through a series of exercises, participants learn what it takes to breathe life into these people from our imaginations. We will explore how we create a past without boring the reader, how we develop quirks that add depth, and how to incorporate the details that make these people real.

2 hour workshop time

Making monsters - creating believable bad guys

It's so tempting to create an antagonist who is purely evil, but it's important to remember that even Jeffrey Dahmer had a mother who loved him, and Ted Bundy was incredibly charming and polite. We do our readers no favors to make human characters who are truly monsters. In order to create a bad guy (or girl) who is believable, we have to understand what motivates his or her behavior.

1 hour workshop time

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