Kim Williams-Justesen

Toys in the Attic

"Toys in the Attic" is an anthology of evil toy-themed stories. It is a creepy collection that plays upon our childhood fears of the most innocent objects. My short story (under the pen name Mimi A. Williams) entitled "The Gypsy Orb" and my poem "Mastering the View" both appear in this collect due in late 2015.

Old Scratch& owl hoots

"Old Scratch & Owl Hoots" is an anthology of Utah/Western-themed stories  produced by the Utah chapter of the Horror Writers Association. It's filled with creepy tails that feature the rugged beauty that is unique to the western United States, and you're sure to find at least one story that will make you leave the light on all night.  My short story (under the pen name Mimi A. Williams) is entitled "The Lamb on the Tombstone". To find your copy click below.

Old Scratch & Owl Hoots

Kiss Kiss Bark

Middle Grade Novel

Tanglewood Press

Maddie has spent her summer babysitting her four-year-old brother Donny, and now with school just a week away, she really wants a break. She  gets invited to spend the night at her best friend Olivia's house, and Liv's not brother Nate just happens to be there. Maddie has been crushing on Nate forever, but he doesn't know she breathes air. When Nate starts to show some interest, Maddie thinks her dreams have come true, but Liv doesn't think it's so great. Then Donny gets ill and Maddie realizes how much she really cares about her little brother.

Kiss Kiss Bark -

The Deepest Blue

Young Adult Novel

Tanglewood Press

Mike has a great life, even if his girlfriend makes him crazy. He's earning a good living working with his dad on their charter fishing boat, and now his dad is making plans to marry Maggie, his long-time girlfriend. Then suddenly Mike's life is shattered when his dad is killed in an accident. Not only has he lost his dad, but the mother he hasn't seen in 10 years is demanding Mike move across the country to live with her. Mike will have to figure out a new meaning of what family is and will have to fight for what he know's is best for him.

The Deepest Blue -